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Our vision

Technology was created by man to be governed by man. According to our vision, technology must be put at the service of man.
Technology must enter into symbiosis with man. Therefore, it is necessary to ‘humanise technology’: to understand man’s emotional, cognitive and behavioural factors to activate an empathic relationship through multi-interactive and intelligent systems.
To do this, we strive daily to develop our knowledge and skills in artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine and computer vision.

Our mission

Our mission is to enable the companies that choose us to use technology to get closer to humans and understand their behaviour to create a harmonious experience with their surroundings, whatever they may be. This way, it is possible to offer a memorable experience as it is highly customised.


Driver Monitoring System with Empathic AI infotainment cockpit


Posture and Movement Detection for ergonomic risk assessment


Recorded Proctoring Exam to certify the student’s actual learning non-invasively

Our technology

Our technology is organised around the individual’s complex emotional, cognitive and behavioural state.

Our team

Our team brings together enterprising young people with revolutionary ideas and experts with proven experience.
To continuously improve our capability to bridge the gap between humans and technologies.

2021 - Empathic and adaptive reactions

Interactive elements adapt to mood, emotion and behaviour for a deeply empathic relationship.

2020 - Human-machine Interaction

Design of an interactive and sensitive multisensory space in which all elements of the HMI are closely connected and change dynamically and coherently

2019 - Behavior

From analysing facial biometric points, we added/integrated the Pose Detection module to analyse and understand movements and behaviours.

2017 - Emotions

We were the first in Italy to develop a Face and Emotion Recognition system in real time, to which we also added the gaze estimation module

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We constantly seek talents who can join us in our challenges and help us achieve new goals. Would you like to be part of our team? Send us your application!

4 good reasons to choose us


Reliability and experience

We were the first in Italy to develop artificial intelligence solutions with such an innovative scope.


Customer care

We guarantee our customers the highest project quality. We establish a direct relationship with our customers.



Possibility for the customer to modularise the solution, facilitating customised development.


Pay-per-use model pricing

We use cloud systems and serverless computing methodologies, which do not require the creation and management of servers.

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