We are specialised in developing posture and movement monitoring solutions
to calculate Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) risk and prevent injuries.
Specifically the EMOJ solution offers automated assessment of
REBA, RULA, and OCRA indexes for ergonomists.
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Safety and security at work


The latest work insurance data shows a dramatic increase in accidents at work.
The data show that musculoskeletal disorders are the main cause of workplace accidents.
If performed incorrectly, repetitive, mechanical and continuous movements can lead to lower and upper joint problems that can last over time.


We have developed a body-tracking solution that analyses a worker’s posture and movements in real time for a detailed assessment of the worker’s MSD risk level and ergonomics.
The aim is to prevent possible accidents by making workplaces safer and adapting work tasks to the worker’s characteristics.

What it detects

  • Type of posture (standing, lying, bending)
  • Rotation of the person to the webcam
  • Head and torso flexion/extension from the body axis
  • Lateral and frontal process of the arm from the body axiso
  • Elbow and knee angle
  • Elbow-wrist-hand angle and hand rotation

Pose recognition module

Calculation of the main international ergonomics parameters/
ergonomic indices
  • Employee profile management on a dashboard accessible to both the company and the ergonomist.
  • Every employee’s ergonomic conditions, past incidents (if any, including their locations), and overall risk exposure can be systematically tracked and monitored.
  • This allows corrective action to be taken as the employee becomes aware of incorrect postures and can thus self-regulate.
  • This allows preventive actions to be taken, estimating the maximum level of MSD risk.
  • Fully GDPR privacy-compliant.

Without the use of AI

Current protective systems such as exoskeletons or suits are invasive and cumbersome

Manual risk assessment can be subject to human error

With the use of AI

No invasive devices

Postproduction video analysis

Ergonomic analysis

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