Emotion Recognition

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How it works

In 2015, our journey into software technologies began recognising and quantifying human emotions and behaviours. We proudly pioneered this endeavour in Italy, researching and implementing algorithms that empower the real-time identification of emotions and behaviours.
Our algorithms detect facial expressions and body movements to monitor all human factors.

Encoding emotions for multiple individuals is possible

The 7 Key Ekman Emotions


Valence identifies the quality/type of emotion experienced, whether it’s positive or negative and how much in a 0-1 scale.


Arousal gauges the level of excitement according to Russell’s model, essentially measuring the intensity of the felt emotion, ranging in 0-1 scale.

Real-time or retrospective analysis by uploading a video or image file

What benefits the individual

Customized and emotion-aware environment that means real-time adaptation of every connected devices in a space. It requires an IoT infrastructure.

Real-time Adaptation of Environments

What if lights illuminated or music played in response to our emotions? What if the digital content on our smartphones changed based on how we feel? It would create a world of shared emotions and genuine social interaction spaces.

EMOJ’s goal is to transform the experience of visiting a place or making a purchase into something so enjoyable, engaging, fun, and emotionally charged that it leaves a vivid memory of the feelings experienced and the sense of well-being achieved. It would compel individuals to return and relive those very emotions.

Interactive Environment Facilitating Empathetic Connections with Individuals
Activation of Smart Devices to Alleviate Negative Emotions
Experience Enhancement


  • changing interior lights
  • change of odometer display
  • change of music genre/radio station
  • automatic seat adjustment and heating

Museums and public spaces

  • Personalized visits
  • Mapping of the visitor journey
  • Analysis of visitors’ feedbacks in case of new exhibitions and artistic performance
  • A/B testing

E-learning and education

  • Analysis of students satisfaction
  • Exploration of the emotional reaction of the students during exams and learning performance evalutation
  • Customization of the learning materials and methods in case of persons with disabilities


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Face Analyser

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Face Identifier


Attention Recognition


Body Tracker

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