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Not just cold technology.

EMOJ proposes a software to adapt digital contents, signs and every online and physical scenario to create a unique experience based on the customer’s behaviors and emotions recognized in real time from the pictures captured by cameras installed in a smartphone, tablet, PC and video surveillances systems

Improve user experience through emotional interaction

The technology aims to include, engage and connect customers with the brand through the knowledge and continuous learning of the emotions they felt and the creation of adaptive reactions to them.

Emoj customers can finally know their consumers, investigate their unconscious, mood, understand the motivations for their decision-making and achieve an increase of revenue and an optimization of the conversion rate.

EMOJ Facial coding enables human emotions measurement through facial expressions.

Companies can finally know their customers, their preferences and attitudes and realizes successful CX strategies.

Body language detection

We have developed body detection algorithms to understand, from posture and gestures, the behaviour and status of the individual.
The face module integrated with the body detection module lets us empathically connect with the customer and respond reactively.

AI engine in the real world

Emoj technology makes it possible to see what is not seemingly visible and allows us to understand the deeper, unconscious emotional state. Finally, the technology enables the mitigation of negative emotions and balances emotional equilibrium through the activation of a sensory environment in which intelligent devices change according to the individual.
All solutions aim to increase the degree of consumer satisfaction.

Patent & Innovation

EMOJ owns an Italian patent about the convolutional networks used for customer recognition and reaction control in real time. Claims regard:

  • Method to recognize age, gender, emotions and gaze
  • Method for the elaboration of pictures and video and data transmission
  • Algorithms for recommendation and content customization
  • Algorithms for the creation of adaptive and sensible spaces based on customer’s profile and emotions.

Subsequently, we obtained a second patent for the industrial invention concerning computational methods and systems for ergonomically evaluating operators’ work postures. Claims regard:

  • body movements recognising Method
  • Method for evaluating ergonomic indices
  • Algorithm for identifying the level of ergonomic risk associated with the worker

Tech Awards

EMOJ is the winner of the following titles

How it Works

01. Analyse


  • Real-time recognition of gender and age
  • Identity identification and association
  • Analysis of facial expression, gaze and behaviour

03. Decide


  • Omnichannel strategy and insights
  • Frustration –> Satisfaction
  • Use of decision tree and machine learning

02. Know


  • Empathic understanding of emotions
  • Level of attention and involvement
  • Customer journey

04. React


  • Real time reactions to adapt the customer experience
  • Single and unified experience across all channels
  • Web, Mobile App, Instore

Company advantage

  • greater customer understanding
  • customisation and adaptation of the customer value proposition
  • optimisation of conversion rate
  • customer satisfaction
  • customer loyalty
  • improvement of corporate brand quality
  • greater economic return for your company

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