Attention recognition

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How it works

In addition to face recognition, we have developed an attention module to assess human cognitive-behavioural activation based on gaze direction tracking, position and head movements and drowsiness.

What it detects:


Head rotation to the right or left;


forward or backward movement of the head;


angle of rotation towards the shoulder of the face

Eye tracking and eyelid blinking duration

From the combination of these data, it is possible to define, even in non-optimal conditions:

  • The mapping of gaze movement (heatmap)
  • The level of attention/distraction: Focused eyes are interpreted as full attention
  • Drowsiness: Eyes closed for a long period indicate high levels of drowsiness

What benefits the individual

Knowledge of the level of user interest and preferences.

Analysis of the human fatigue.

Improved level of safety in driving and in interacting with machines.


  • Identification of dangerous driving behaviours
  • Display of visual and auditory signals to keep the driver’s eye on the road all the time
  • Alarms in case of low level of attention or fatigue to avoid crashes

E-learning and education

  • Analysis of students’ attention to lectures and during exams
  • Identification of cheating behaviors


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Emotion Recognition


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