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How it works

We’ve also focused on analysing human movements and postures in recent years, integrating facial biometric analysis with body analysis to have a continuous, automatic, and real-time monitoring of all human factors. The tracker software can be extended with an ergonomics assessment module to support ergonomists and industry operators in improving workspace safety and comfort.

What do we measure?

The angles formed by the:

Flexion or extension of the head and torso relative to the body axis.

Lateral and frontal rotation of the arm relative to the body axis

The angle of the elbow and knee

Elbow-wrist-hand angle

Horizontal hand rotation

  • Rotation of Person relative to the webcam
  • Posture type (standing, lying down, bending)
  • Key ergonomic indices (available upon request

What benefits the individual

Ergonomics assessment by calculating RULA, REBA and OCRA indexes

Support to ergonomists in reporting

Identification of possible Muscle skeleton Disorders (MDS)

Safe interaction with robots and other automatic machines

Improvement of seat comfort


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Face analyzer

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Face identifier


Emotion recognition


Attention recognition

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