We develop a Recorded Proctoring Exam to detect student behavior
and report the examination highlights to the professor
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The Covid-19 pandemic crisis and the implemented solutions for remote learning and remote work have allowed us to understand some benefits of enabling technologies for online education and remote work. Particularly in e-learning, certain limitations have emerged that need to be overcome, especially if some solutions persist in a hybrid or blended education perspective. Examples of such limitations include monitoring student feedback and ensuring the reliability of assessments during examinations.


Emoj developed a real-time monitoring solution to ensure optimal academic and professional learning performance. This involves integrating various biometric recognition modules, continuous webcam, microphone monitoring, and student screen monitoring.


With Emoj, students don’t feel constantly under surveillance, which could lead to anxiety and stress. Our proctoring system doesn’t automatically and irreversibly interrupt the exam in case of suspected breaches. Instead, students are left free and responsible for their choices. The professor will later evaluate their actions and decide whether to validate the exam.


Identity verification

Real-time violations monitoring

Professor dashboard

Performance analysis examination performed, with an overview of suspected cases.


  • 24/7 available proctoring
  • Desktop and Cloud versions


Biometric recognition module

  • Biometric facial recognition via webcam
  • identity document module to validate the data (to allow or deny access)


Audio and Webcam Recognition and Monitoring module

  • Detection of another person in the room
  • Detection of suspicious human voices
  • Head Rotation and Gaze Analysis Module


Screen Recording and Open Application Detection module

  • No Lockdown browser is required
  • Detection of open applications
  • Detection of dual monitors
  • Detection of virtual machines

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