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Wide range of context

Emoj proposes a multiplatform system to adapt digital contents, signs and every online and physical scenario to create a unique experience based on the customer’s behaviors and emotions recognized in real time. Emoj’s products can be used in a wide range of context.


EMOJ sensing systems allow all humans inside of a vehicle to be monitored in order to understand both driver’s and passengers’ moods, address any critical safety situations and then react by adapting the in-cambin experience (music, light and alert) to increase the level of attention.


EMOJ proposes a set of solutions for online and instore to really achieve an omnichannel approach to customer experience. Customer segmentation, engagement and satisfaction are measured in context. Real-time reactions are activated to create unique customer experiences in order to increase sales and optimize conversion rate. We work mainly in Fashion Retail.

Smart Products

AI toolkit can be easily embedded in every smart product to make it reactive and sensitive to humans. EMOJ has completely changed traditional user interaction paradigms toward the new concept of symbiotic interafaces.

Entertainment & Culture

Audience Emotion sensing measures and dynamically shows the real-time audience response to any ads, from advertising, to shows, to artistic performance. The facial coding helps managers, creators, art directors and hence policy makers to know the audience, understand not only what people do, but also what they feel. Emojmeter give insights and roadmap to improve audience response.

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