1 to 4 November  – Lisbon Web Summit 2021 –  PS. 423 (Industry Category: Pavilion 3, ITA Stand).

Emoj is proud to announce that it will participate in the 2021 Web Summit in Lisbon from 1st to 4th November, “The World’s premier Tech Conference”. We will talk about technology and innovation to solve humanity’s toughest  problems’.

Covid has left a permanent mark within the community and has changed our habits and our cultures: the culture of (smart) work, just to give an example!

Covid has accelerated the digital transformation already underway and it will be difficult to go back. Think of universities, for example: many have decided to adopt distance learning even now that the pandemic is losing strength.

Emoj wants to keep up with digitization, integrating it with technological innovation: here is Esamincloud, the proctoring software to control student behavior.

For more information about tickets: https://websummit.com/