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CES 2018, Las Vegas

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EMOJ is the first spin-off from the Polytechnic University of Marche, leading innovation in cutting-edge Emotional Intelligence technology for Customer Experience. It was born from the inspiration of five young researchers and two visionary businessmen whose perspiration have led to the development of a set of innovative solutions for Emotional Data Analytics and Intelligence.

EMOJ provides advanced technologies for Smart Retail, Hospitality and Museums to create a deep emotional and affective connection with customers. The aim is to build a sensing space where customers are engaged and comfortable. The EMOJ technology is also able to send adaptive contents to mobile and web app according to the individual customer experience.



We are a team of 5 business leaders and entrepreneurs with experience in B2B and scientific research. We are the creators and innovators in the next tech frontier of Emotional Intelligence.

Luca Giraldi

Maura Mengoni

Andrea Generosi

Marco Matteucci

Roberto Pierdicca


Solution for Proximity Emotion Tracking, Behavior Data Analytics to create a map of the Customer Journey with a detail of the areas of eye fixation on shelf, stand, window and real time emotional curve for all touchpoints


Software development toolkit (SDK) and cloud-based APIs to detect emotions and eye fixation on web and mobile applications and respond to user's emotions in real time by adapt contents and dynamic UI elements. It adds emotion awareness to apps, games and other products

Infrastructure Service

IoT architecture to introduce Ominichannel services. Implementation of iBeacon and Wi-Fi infrastructure to send context-aware notification on the consumer’s Facebook page, personalized offers, discounts and coupons to his/her mobile app and to suggest adaptive services to the staff


Business intelligence platform and control system to manage a set of connected devices to create real time space reactions, adapt digital contents and advertisement, provide ominichannel services finalized to social interaction and engaging and interactive CX


Guidelines to implement Customer Experience strategies and improve the visual merchandising, showcases, product design, shop windows based on KPIs assessment and Emotional Analytics results


Facial Analysis

Business Intelligence

Biometric analysis

Proximity reaction

EMOJ offers technological solutions on Emotional Analytics and Intelligence for numerous INSTORE, ONSITE and ONLINE application in different areas: Smart Retail, Fast Fashion, Food, Travel and Hospitality, Museums and every place of social interaction.

This is due to the variety of EMOJ solutions, the adaptability, flexibility and scalability of both systems architecture and infrastructure.

Support to assess marketing and communication choices

Collect KPIs about the Customer Experience and Sales Analytics

Strategic real time guidelines and suggests for the staff to adapt services and offers

Influence customer behaviors in real time


Smart Retail

Mass Retail Channel


Media and Advertisement



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